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Custom Jewellery

All the Jewellery pieces are hand-made with positive intent and created in alignment with the guidance of the energy of the crystals, healing stones, colours and materials used in answer to specific requests or intentions. When complete Spirit channels through me and imprints the jewellery with unique energy that is just for you the recipient. So only choose that which you are strongly drawn to.

If your piece has not yet been created, place your request here and I, in collaboration with Spirit, shall be happy to create it for you.

Please state:

  • Whether jewellery is for yourself or a gift and the keywords that you are seeking assistance with, such as: health, abundance, love, grief, success, employment, joy, etc.
  • If you desire a favourite colour or know that of the recipient it can be incorporated (if the energy of the piece being created concurs at this time).
  • If you would prefer an elastic bracelet or one with a chain and clasp.
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Looks good!
Looks good!

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