Apr. 30, 2016

Last week with the Sun shining and the Woods calling, I headed off on a 9k mountain hike. It was one of those mornings when I was torn between inviting a friend, thinking he needed it, and the strong urge to go alone. Undecided I left it in the hands of the Universe, I went alone, truly having no awareness at that time of the profound euphoric experience that awaited me....in those woods that day.  Upon arrival, grounding and connecting I headed off on the path between the woods and as is usual for me in a place of ‘Nature’, I gave permission to Spirits (of highest intent) who wished to access my energy to pull themselves through and enjoy the beauty of the Sacred Place to do so, but with the strictest instructions that they leave when I do.

Incredibly that morning the call was answered by a pack of Spirit Wolves. They ran in the woods to the left of me, two Elder Wolves in the woods to the right. I am aware that the pack to the left holds it’s Alphas and that the two Elder Wolves to the right seem to be Guardians. There are no words that can describe with any justice, that sense of Freedom Aliveness Wildness when our energies suddenly collided and I was Wolf. I had not ran in so long but I physically and spiritually ran with them there, they in the woods and I on the path. My Spirit became so frenzied by their energy, that I was both Wolf and its Howl as their voice claimed the Mountain. The euphoria felt was similar to that connection with the Pilgrim Spirit within, on the Holy Mountain of Croagh Patrick.

When we reached the top of the mountain where the woods stopped, the Wolf Pack gathered around me where their energy thanked me and I them, they left. The Elder Wolves walked beside me a little longer and I asked the Alpha male, “Are all my deepest connections only to be made in solitude?” His words imprinted on my mind, that it was not my aloneness that provided the correct frequency of energy but rather my focus of connection with Nature. It’s true; I would have been chatting away if another was present, while still enjoying nature around me, the connection would have been of a completely different frequency. I thank him and they leave.

1 week later

One week later, still joyful and elated, I choose to go back alone. I am excited to know if the pack will choose to return, they do immediately once permission is given to Spirits. They are the same vibrant wild energy, but this time there is a difference, another pack is in the woods to my right and the Elder Wolves are by my side on the path. The Wolf Pack to my right have an extremely heavy energy, feels very aggressive and angry.  I know now I was right in thinking the Elder Wolves were Guardians, but it is me they are here to watch over.

With them by my side I know I am safe, connecting with the Wolves to the left we keep our vibration high, holding Sacred Space, giving this new Pack freedom to run. I do not blend with their energy, I do not seek their story, I just hold them in my awareness, their anger and their rage. They run like caged animals suddenly set free and we run with them and the more they run I notice, the more their energy becomes less dense.

We stop, we just do and I see their Alpha male coming towards me on the right. I stand to meet him, I know he wants to meet me, his Pack is wary but he is taking control. He stops on a mound beneath the trees beside the path, we face each other and I open my heart to him, I pour light from my heart to his as I do with any new Spirit, that they may know my true heart’s intent.

Moments later he does the same, trust now lies between us, we acknowledge this trust with our eyes and the Elder Wolves leave my side. The freedom to run again shed much pain and by choosing to make a connection with a human and trusting that human’s intent, allowed a huge shift in energy to take place. The Alpha returns to his Pack, their energy though still heavier then the wolves to the left, it is much lighter now and they are in healing.

We run some more till the woods end and the packs leave, only the Elder Wolves remain. I wonder what drew the second pack to come, as trust and healing were only gained later. Then I knew, the Elder Wolves had brought them to me. I ask. The Alpha male agrees.

“Sharing of energy is always an exchange of energy,” the Alpha female spoke, “you too have gained much, more then you know”.

I thank them, they leave.

The aftermath

In the days that have followed this experience, my Spirit has been so at peace and my heart knowing great joy, When I focus on the Wolves that ran to my left, I know what it feels like to run freedom with Wolves, to know my Spirit’s Howl and to run that excitement into my life. And when I focus on the Wolves that ran to my right, on the Alpha Wolf’s exchange of heart energy, I know what it feels like to know great Love in tune with my own Spirit. Thank you Wolves!!!

In this, my experience with the Wolves, they offer us all a vision that can be a strong visual for our own healing and understanding. Our psyche will always hold both Packs, freewill demands it. Our strength and power in the moment is our path, the choice between. It is not denial to choose not to blend, to hold awareness without creating a story for that awareness; it is what allows it to run free and to lighten the density that would have been intensified by our story. Negativity does not thank us for blending, it holds only us responsible and it is us it will attack for in this sanctuary, this sacred place of our mind, the Packs are ours. You decide how you Howl!!!


Feb. 21, 2016

Being the total babe magnet that I am for Crystals, thursday Mother Earth gifted me another gorgeous Quartz Cluster for my Healing Room...wait for it......not by the Sea where I usually go to harvest them but while out walking in the Woods. Awesome!!! Loving it. I love the raw energy of Crystals straight from ground and how we believe that they are tools to assist us for healing, but think....I dug it out....carried it a quarter of a mile....spent hours scrubbing it with a toothbrush.....and put it where it wanted to be in my Healing Room where it will be actively healing..... We place crystals where we are intuitively guided to......by the crystals themselves......so really who is the tool assisting who?

Oct. 22, 2015

Time to get off the beaten track and get a new perspective, the Bridge from the top looks beautiful, the Bridge from the bottom looks Awesome!!!! Do something different today, tread upon new ground........in contrast to your norm..........observe ideas that are not your habitual beliefs without judgment......dream of something unbelieveable and think it possible.....give awareness to your surroundings and see what you had not seen.......get off the 'Beaten Track' and allow it to become Lush again, beneath your feet!!!


Oct. 8, 2015

Hi Everyone!!!  Letting you know it is my honour to be performing 'Atlantean Crystal Healing(tm) Treatments in conjuction with the Sacred Tribe Energy Healing, in Angel Times Limerick on friday 23rd of October.

I am sooo excited to meet you for there is no such thing as coincidence, you will not be there by chance. You have said "Yes" and so it is my Joy to channel the Light of the Great Spirit as it reaches out to answer your prayers, to assist you and empower you to manifest that which you desire, on all levels of Being.


Aug. 23, 2015

Hi everyone,

Yeah!!! to the beautiful sunshine🙂

My Crystals and Healing Stones head out to the garden to soak up all those rays and the garden's elemental energies. Today I will introduce you to an amazing De-stresser (grounding) and energizer (fire) stone.......the not so humble 'Beach Stone'.

If you are feeling stressed and highly emotional, place your bare feet on its smooth surface for 5 to 10 minutes, it will begin work de-stressing you instantly. When done, place outside to discharge and recharge for about an hour. A window sill will do if no access to a garden.

Likewise if you are feeling exhausted and drained, place your feet on the same stone for 5 to 10 minutes, it will begin energizing you instantly. When done place outside to discharge and recharge for about an hour.

The 'Beach Stone' requires nothing of us 'Humans', our intention set, our riturals or blessing added etc., it holds its own combined awareness of 'Earth' grounding and energizing and 'Sea' power and flow. It knows what is required to restore balance and it does so freely. 

Thank you 'Beach Stone'xx