Sep. 1, 2018

Ancient Transcendent Power of Dragon Energy!!!

Ancient Transcendent Power of

Dragon Energy!!!

Introduction Workshop

Facilitator: Jennifer Wilson of Sacred Tribe Energy Healing

Location: The Haven Workspace (Angel Times) Limerick

 Book online:

Telephone booking: Jennifer 087 9361919

Date: 21st October 2018

Time: 10am – 4pm

Price: 160 euros

Deposit to secure place: 25 euros

Strictly Pre-Booking; Places Limited.





v Grounding Techniques


v Visualisation tool for disconnecting from ‘All’ energies that are draining/energising themselves off one’s energy field!!!


v Visualisation tool for reconnecting to one’s own powerful source energy!!!


v Dragon Cards


v Understanding of…. ‘What is Dragon Energy?’


v Give awareness on the roles of Water Dragons, Earth Dragons, Air Dragons, Fire Dragons, White Dragons, Elder Dragons, Guardian Dragons of Light and Dark Energy, Kuan Yin’s Love Dragons, Soul Dragons, the White Goddess Dragon, the Caretaker Dragons, the Connector Dragons and the Protector Dragons….in service to this Planet’s ascension and to human ascension!!!


v How to develop and work with these higher frequencies of Dragon energy and how to utilise it to enhance and advance the skills you already hold.


v Group Healing performed with Dragon Energy….full Energy Healing on … Energy Level, Physical Level, Emotional Level, Mental Level, Higher Mental Level (Intuition) and Purpose Level (on track and if not, reset)… preparation for Dragon Attunement!!!


v The Dragons then choose the individual it wishes to work with (best suited to the individual’s needs) and will make it-self known at this time!!!


v Attunement of Dragon Energy and Chakra Integration of the Dragon frequency!!!


Requirements: Yoga mat, Slippers or double Socks (as shoes off), Throw or Blanket, Pen & Paper, Candle to light as offering of gratitude for all that will unfold during workshop (it can be taken home afterwards). Feel free to bring Crystals and/or Cards if you desire, they will bring their own frequency and will be energised by the high frequency energy of the room. Please do not eat meat on this day (so energy is not overly diverted to digestion) but Do bring a light sandwich and/or fruit for a 30min coffee/tea/break.

Requests for Healing: If you require healing or any other positive requests for self or others……write their name only on a piece of paper and bring with you…..but as you write the name, state your request for that person named and it will be imprinted into the name, offer gratitude!!! Eg. (write)…..Jennifer Wilson…. (say, don’t write) “Your Request….Thank You!!!”

Blessings and So Super Excited looking forward to meeting you on the day!!! Spirit always brings the correct energy frequency for the highest benefit of All present….that being both physical and non-physical…Human, Spirit and Dragon Energies…It will be Awesome!!! Light of Love to You All, Jenny!!! Ancient Transcendent Power of Dragon Energy