Jan. 8, 2017

The Stepping Out!!!

Keeping in the background of the mind, the wider perspective that those which we are in relationship with, are Souls that we have chosen to reincarnate with for the purpose of healing from past life issues and for the sake of future progression through those healings, and that these lessons continue though the actors may change, until we heal out of it. Remembering this from time to time, will help to widen our focus beyond getting trapped and caught up in the emotions of what is happening,  this new focus will always ask (in the aftermath) “Interesting….I wonder what the bigger picture is here……I wonder why their Angel or their Guide….asked them to say that (whatever mean thing) and you will find the emotions that trapped you and bonded you to the other…..begin to diffuse as if the power is sucked out of them and they are just words or actions. This is when your Guides can intuitively guide you and more importantly you get it……as there is no heavy wall of negative emotional energy blocking them. Ask questions like….how does this help me…..your angels and guides will always be seeking to help you.

When you see a pattern (a constant repetition), then you know that is the issue you need to heal from.  My guides have shown me that it not simply a case of  ‘another’ mirroring that for you so that you recognise it in yourself, that which needs to be healed, but that this other is actually carrying a part of our self for us so that we may recognise it, that which needs to be healed.

To me this is huge, because we try and do the ‘yes we are all one’ and this other is just mirroring for me and I need to accept this about myself, what I don’t like in the other, but regardless (apart from the beautiful few that can) it is hard to separate the negativity that you feel is genuinely the other person from that which they are mirroring for you. For example, in other words even when you accept that a judgemental person is teaching you that this is a trait you possess, and you truly accept that, you now see the two of you as being judgmental people (that need to heal) and your view of them personally remains the same.

Now here’s the issue with that, as long as you hold this view of them, your relationship with them remains the same, you are unable to separate them from the issue (judgement) itself and because of this they will constantly trigger you emotionally either in judgement itself or as a sign that you have not healed this issue as it is constantly showing itself to you, through them. Neither is beneficial as both are negative viewpoints, energised by the emotion they summon and can only materialize in negative outcomes. It is like being trapped, the status que is maintained and the energy goes stagnant as not moving.

In order to change this, my Guides have given me the following healing process that can be used by all, to not only clear the patterns that you have recognised and to heal them but to also release the other and yourself from the contract you had made pre-birth to assist each other in the healing of a particular issue (regardless of the issue).  You know when the issue is ready for healing….when you recognise it as a pattern. This healing process does not require a statement of forgiveness, but any emotional feeling towards the other involved is your sign that you are still bonded to this other, either through your energy or through theirs, neither is desirable if you wish to heal yourself and to move forward.

The Stepping Out!!!

To begin, take four deep breaths, in to the count of four, hold to the count of four and out to the count of four. Bring that air deep down until you feel your stomach expand, holding and releasing to the counts of four as you relax. Visualize (or state) White Devine Light (the Light of your chosen Faith or Universe) coming  down through the top of your head, out about two feet on either side of you, and going down into the ground, clearing, balancing and grounding your energy as it flows through you. Then visualize (or state) a beautiful ball of Pink Light (colour of Love) in a complete circle around you, holding you in Love and allowing only Love to enter and only Love to leave this Sacred Space.

You are ready, but know before you begin that the energy of the other cannot enter this space; this space of Love is your space alone. A general rule for knowing, if you cannot source a pattern for certain individuals, is if you are in disharmony with another it is a sign that your healing is required. Healing energy shifts the balance and offers new solutions and resolutions.

From your place within the Pink Light, visualize (or state) the person you are in dis-harmony with (on any level) standing outside the Pink Light, (they can be facing you or not, depending on what you prefer) and then say, “I call upon the part of me that is within you to step out”.

See yourself step out, a complete copy of you as you physically are, say nothing to this image but turn to the other and say, “I now release you from the contract between us (in regard to issue), thank you for carrying it for me. I now return all energy that is part of you to you (visualise little sparkles of white light leaving your body and returning to the other). When complete, instruct the other, “Go!!!” Then turn to the image of yourself and pour light (whatever colour you are drawn to) from your Heart to your Heart. When this image is full of light (or you feel it’s done), open your arms and draw this part of you, that YOU came here to heal,  inside the Pink Light and back inside of you.

You have not only healed but restored apart of yourself, this is where the innate desire inside of humans to find someone to complete them comes from, and the search is complete only when the person is whole again, by being fully healed.

The person you released also is not the same person without the contract they were carrying for you. Energy can flow again and movement forward can take place.