Nov. 13, 2016

The Heart that is Love is Already Healed inside the frame!!!

Often, we get stuck in the emotionality of what injured or broke our Hearts and there is no Healing in this place...there is no moving on from pain that emanates from the Heart…but know this...the Heart that is Love is already healed. It is not the Heart that is causing your pain but the frame you have trapped it inside.....pressing in on Your Heart....stagnating more and more this trapped energy of your ‘emotions in replay’ becomes denser and denser...turning on You and telling You....that your Broken Heart is the cause of your pain....BUT it is NOT sustain it-self this negative energy needs you to Believe that your Heart is not Healed...this is the source of its cannot do this without YOU!!! 

It is easy to recognize.....for it is condescending in its given control over us.....Are you still clinging to old relationships, Are you fearful or distrusting in relationships....Is your same relationship a constant merely changing actors that play the exact same role....Are you alone but desperately not wanting to be alone....Do you no longer believe in Love from others or your own Heart.....Do you expect and pre-empt negative relational outcomes?

For those that do not...Brilliant!!!...You are so needed...Hold and Send that Vibe of your Loving Relationship out to the rest of the Living it...Breathing it...Expressing it.... Honouring that Others may pick up that Frequency, Resonate and Activate it within their own Lives!!!

For those that suffer...this energy needs to be released if it is your desire to heal and it is so easy to do so, once there is awareness that it is this stagnant energy, not your heart, which maintains the frame.

Allow me to show you how

Take three deep…hold…out…to the count of four, to relax and bring more oxygen into the body. Then simply place your hand on your heart and state "My Heart is Already Healed!!!"

When something has been so intrinsically apart of us (regardless of its negative aspect) our identity resists losing the comfort of this you may find the content of your emotional frame will replay images and events in an attempt to squeeze and hurt your Heart into believing once again that it is still broken...but it is not true....Your Heart is Already Healed for Love always Heals Itself....every time it hurts.....State it..."My Heart is Already Healed!!!"

Every time we acknowledge this truth, Love pours immediately into the emotional frame around our Heart from our Heart and the frequency of the frame changes more and more untill this space too consists of we are in the place where we can pick up and resonate at the frequency of Loving Trusting Expressing Honouring Being Relationships and attract them into our Lives or Heal our present Relationships.

How will we know when it is done…the past causes no more Heartache...and the Heart resonates at the Joy of Love, whether in a relationship or not.