Aug. 11, 2016

Blog!!! The Secret is!!!

The best way for me to give guidance on this understanding is….to give an example….and follow it through its course.  The technique is the same whether it be that you want a New relationship/Better relationship, New job/Better working conditions within same job, Abundance etc etc

You must first think about what it is that you want, so the Universe knows, as you are the one providing the Blueprint. Confusion is the blueprint for further confusion.

We (my guides and I) will use New Job/Better working conditions within same job for the sake of this example. So without knowing the Who/What/Where…of the end design….you do know perhaps that...

  • You would like to be working at a job you Love.
  • A job that doesn’t feel like work, because you Enjoy it.
  • A job where the people you work with are Amazing, kind, Loving, Supportive, Open Minded, Respectful of other’s Beliefs.
  • A job where you meet wonderful new people through your Connections at work.
  • A job with Travel Times, to and fro, that suits you.
  • A job that pays well to satisfy all your Needs and Desires.
  • A job that works well with Child Care requirements.
  • A job where you can Advance if you require it,
  • A job that includes Travel if you require it.
  • A job that requires you to be Inside/Outside.
  • A job Solo/People based.
  • A job where you work with Animals/Not.
  • A job where you can Teach/Learn /Grow with positivity/negativity. Always one/other
  • A job where you can get up and say “Yeah!!! To a New day”.


Anything else, add it to the list, for these are all Clear Directions/Blue prints for the Universe as to what you want!!! But know this; Regardless of the type of Job or Relationship etc etc, it will not bring you happiness unless it fulfils your Core Blueprint Requirements!!!


Moving on now with the clear knowledge of what you want, let us turn again to Rumi’s quote!!!

You Know what you want, that is the key, but to turn the key you need something else… need to Feel.  So now take three deep breaths, in to the count of four, hold to the count of four and out to the count of four, imagine how you would feel if God/Universe said right now in this moment “You have that Job right now, it’s yours!!!”. Imagine everything on your Core Blueprint list fulfilled. How does it feel to you, that Excitement, that Joy?!!

Know this….right now in this moment you are resonating at the exact frequency of that Job you seek……and that job is resonating at the correct frequency of what it seeks….and that magnetic law of attraction…like energy attracts like energy …..will move mountains to bring those mirror frequencies together. This is the time when all you need will flow to both energies to make it happen, this is the time where you give full attention to all Signs, Guidance from Others, Notice Boards, Job Pages, Me replying to this question to help your understanding of the Power you hold as Master of your Blueprint and the Power of your Feelings (for we are all tools of the Universe/God to utilize to help others), etc etc and to act on them. This is the time where every day for five minutes or so, you Imprint upon your Being, this feeling of Excitement and Joy at being in the job you Love!!! Know this feeling in relation to the job you desire as the antenna/personal gps that connects you to each other, any other frequency and you pass each other by in the dark.  Stay in the place of your Patience/Trust and allow the process. Keep your Signal strong, for truly my Friend the Power is with You!!! What you are Seeking is Seeking you.

As always personal growth is an inside job, the Secret is that which the unconscious mind hid from the conscious mind……that this is how we have always attracted into our lives what is in our lives; unknowingly we aligned with their frequency. We came here on a Quest to Heal….to still the fears that have controlled and contained us before!!!

So Brave Warriors….now…it is time to rise and go Conscious….for the Force is always with you!!!