Aug. 1, 2016

I call you to quest for this Earth!!! It is the time of the Buffalo Herd!!!


Upon closing my eyes on the night of the ‘Summer Solstice Full Moon’, Indian Music Chanting and Rattles immediately filled my ears and my energy felt like it is was being literally sucked into a place, where an American Indian with full head dress is dancing around a fire. I was aware that others danced but only he held my focus, only he was clear.

I was not present in my human form but in formless energy,  having been evoked to be part of this dance and is present. After only moments of this awareness I fell asleep quickly only to be awakened, three or four times that night, for the same sequence to be replayed again each time.

A lot of training happens for me unconsciously and works its way to the surface over the days or weeks following, so there was no pressure for me to cling consciously to the experience, but I don’t think I could have stayed awake even if I had tried. I know now I wasn’t meant too, but my knowledge of the experience itself taking part…..was required.

The following morning knowing that a Summer Solstice Full Moon holds a significant energy frequency, I was excited that the energy connections had been made and that the rest would unfold in its time, as my energy attuned more with this frequency.

Heading off this same morning to Cratloe Hill/Woods with a friend for a 9k hike, I did not have to wait long, three quarter way through I felt his presence directly behind my right shoulder, the Indian of the night before.  I requested my friend to go ahead so that I may have space with this Spirit, I turned to him and he is in full head dress, as he was then. I greeted him and he poured a flood of Light into my Heart Chakra, he said it was the ‘Light of his Tribe’, he tells me that the World needs the Healing Energy of the ‘Buffalo Herd’ and that now….is the time!!!

My awareness is shifted from the presence of the wolf spirits in this place, for now everywhere I look in my energy awareness there is Buffalo. He teaches me that when I am sending out world healing in the mornings, that I now too envision the ‘Buffalo Herd’ roaming freely everywhere….literally everywhere… my garden, in the fields, in the towns, in the woods, walking among the refugees, among the soldiers on battlefields of both sides, in our government buildings, in our hospitals, with our Homeless and in our homes if disharmony exists there, in places and with people that hold suffering and fear of any kind, in places and with people that initiate suffering and fear of any kind……everywhere!!!

I thank him for uniting this Tribal Energy with the Sacred Tribe Energy, in service to this world. He places a feather in my hair and leaves.

I have worked with them everyday since and I have no words that can describe the power of the ‘Buffalo Herd ‘energy, I do not know whether it is the energy that flows first with my intent, or the vision of the world filled with roaming Buffalo that then triggers the energy to flow from my heart as I channel this Sacred Energy, but it is of no matter. What is; is the Healing Energy it brings forth.

Yes, totem Buffalo is a symbol of Abundance, Protection, Earth Creativity, Strength, Survival, Living in Harmony, Blessings, Formatting beneficial plans, but in herd it is sooooo much more. It is Healing on a deep level for our individual and collective fears and all the side effects of these fears that have thrown us off the path of Love towards Self and Others. Mother Earth needs the energy of the Buffalo, just as ‘She’ needs the energy of many of the animals that are being forced into extinction, but to redress the imbalance between Humanity and this Earth now is the time of the Buffalo Herd!!!

I ask you now and I too empower your awareness to know that you, just as me, can carry the vision of the buffalo to the world, simply by envisioning (or stating) the Buffalo Herd roaming freely everywhere, bringing Healing, Abundance, Harmony, Love and Truth to Ourselves and to all Others. Envision it and trust the vision, by sending the Buffalo Herd to all the places and people that require Healing and Assistance. But know this, they are ‘in Herd’ a collective energy, they will tend the individual but will not stay with those (who channel this energy) who do not hold the vision of them in places and with people where they can bring great Assistance and Healing to Others also.

I was given this frequency of sacred energy to share with my tribe, all of you, and I do so now with Love!!! Blessings!!!