Jun. 22, 2016

Soul Door to connect to your Soul Energy

To begin...Clear and Ground your Energy; you can do this simply by Taking Off your Shoes and Visualizing/Stating White Light (Divine Light) coming down through the top of your head, down through and around your body and into the Earth to Ground you. While the Light flows set your Intention that..... "I Return All Energy that is not my own with Love, my Energy is now Cleared Balanced and Energised!!!"..... Alternatively you can Take Off your Shoes while out in 'Nature' and just make the same statement. Nature holds the Frequency of the White Light....hence its Healing Powers!!! 

Ask if You desire it, an Angel, Spiritual Guide or Totem of your choice to be with You. Take three deep breaths....which will relax and attune your body with the Light and into this Cleared, Balanced and Energised State of Being. Now set your intention to recieve from your Soul Energy, all that you will need Today..... to live 'This Day' in the Blessings of Joy Love Healing Abundance Laughter and in the FulfillIing of your Life's purpose on every level of your being, Physically, Emotionally, Mentally and Spiritually....without going into any details.

Your Energy now ready to Receive....Visualize/State a Door in whatever Colour Shape or Design you like suspended in the air directly in front of you. Behind this door lies a Brilliant White Light...a direct connection to your Divine Soul Energy within. 

Take a moment, to acknowledge that this door is an external image of an internal door within!!!

Feel Your Excitement rise... as You stand before this Door, Knowing in this moment that when you call out to this Door to 'Open' ...it will... and this Divine Love Source Energy of your Soul will flood into your Mind, your Heart, your Life, your Dreams, bringing All the Blessings required/needed/desired for this Day.

Call out in words or thoughts for it to "Open!!!"

Open your arms to Welcome and Embrace your Soul Light into your Being and when you feel you are Filled up with this Light, give Gratitude and the Door will close once more. You now have everything you need this day on every level of your Being to live this Day in a day of Love and Blessings. For this day, in Mind and Words Seek Only to see the Good and Positive and Beauty in all things and you will Feel the Joy of your Soul Energy flowing through You, Strengthening and Empowering your Energy.  
Trust and Believe for just this day that You have Everything You Need to move Forward in your Life. Connect with the peace of knowing that throughout this day!!!

 Holding the focus of your intent each day as you connect, the door will go deeper and deeper into the depths of your Soul, bringing forth the Light that will barrier crash your walls (worry, sadness, doubt, illness, heartache, lack, loneliness, insecurity, stress) and reconnect you to your Wild Joy of Living and bring forth the Wisdom and the Magic that is within you!!!

 Open this Door...one day at a time...for what You need Tomorrow will not be what you need today. Remember this Door is your Own Unique Connection to your Soul Energy, its design colour shape can change daily as you feel creative, you can choose its Location.....Ocean, Woods, Sky etc...the Elements its made of....Wood Metal Fire Water etc...and you can even change the Symbol of the Door into something else such as a Gate, Tree, even a Tea Cup and drink the Soul Energy from it....it does Not Matter. What does Matter is that you Clear your Energy for optimal receiving, you set the Intention for what you desire, you give it the emotions of Excitement and Knowing, you Call out/Pray/Ask for it, you Open yourself to Receiving it, you give Gratitude, you Hold the Positive Intent for your desires throughout this day and you do NOT change it to a Negative Prayer by focusing on negativity or denying its reality....for your Soul Energy will hear that as your New Desire and will Bless you in its fulfilment instead.