Jul. 7, 2015

Holy Mountain 'Croagh Patrick' 4/07/2015

All excited, the Spirit of this Holy Mountain has been calling to me for the last two weeks  and now I am here and ready to go!!! A modern day Pilgrim set with intentions, water, snacks, rain jacket, mobile phone, sun-glasses, sturdy sneakers and a stick purchased from the coffee shop. But as I climb the steps to the entrance, heart panting with the exertion, I think 'Oh my God' what have I let myself in for!!!

Thankfully by the top step, my heart re-adjusts it's rhythm and I am excited to know why the Mountain calls and what it has to teach me. And right there on the top step it begins.....I am guided to take off my shoes and do this in true Pilgrim style. Before this point I would have said 'No way', but here at the foot of this Holy Mountain eurphoria fills my heart as the true Pilgrim Spirit rises up within me.

I tie my shoes to my back pack and with each step forward in my silence I say a name, imprinting it upon the mountain with intentions of Health Love Joy Abundance Peace and Happiness for all those named. The europhoria never leaves me, it reaches beyond me now to encompass bless and carry the intentions of all those upon this mountain, to beyond them to this living Earth and to all that dwell upon her,  to beyond them to all Realms unhindered by time, past present or future.  When no more is left to name, I am no longer a Pilgrim Spirit but the unity of Pilgrim Spirits, channaling their Light upon this Holy Mountain and the Sacred Intentions of all present and every step I take now imprints Love upon this Mountain, upon this Earth.

I see and feel humanity at its best, this Mountain bonds us in common cause, to reach the top with our intentions and, just as harrowing, to reach the bottom again. But we do not descend as we rose, the mountain speaks through us, encouraging those that are still climbing and exhausted, that 'It is not far now, you can do it'. I have seen much bravery upon this Holy Mountain this day, those afraid of heights struggling on their knees, those with issues of weight and smokers lungs struggling with breath in every step forward, hearts full of joy or sorrow we come seeking blessings for our Intentions. But know this.....to reach the top is a personal goal, the Mountain does not demand it of us, our prayers and intentions are blessed by this Sacred Mountain wherever we stand upon it.

Its message 'Take off your shoes, stand in the moment where you are and feel the Mountain beneath your feet, let it ground you and connect you to the Pilgrim Spirit within!!! Let your prayers and intentions include those of all around you, the unity of intention will benifit you all!!! Encourage others to their personal goals and achievments!!!  It is through the expression of Love that one feels Loved!! 

Why I ask my guides was I asked to go barefoot, if I only needed to take my shoes off at the bottom and stand on the Earth to ground and make the connection to my Pilgrim Spirit?

They replied that it was my own personal thought that I would be disapointed if I did not complete my journey to the top and bottom barefoot. We spoke to you through the many who suggested to you to put on your shoes if you change your mind. You didn't. It became your own personal goal.

It's true, I get it. Yeah!!! We did it together!!!  Barefoot to the top and down again, me and my new best friend 'Sticky'.

Thanking the Holy Mountainxxxx