Jan. 8, 2017

The Stepping Out

Keep in the background of One’s mind the wider perspective that Those whom we are in relationship with, are Souls that we have chosen to reincarnate with for the purpose of healing from past life issues to enable our future progression, and that these issues continue though the Actors may change until we have learned to heal out of it!!!

How do you recognize when something is a past life issue that requires healing?

When you observe a negative pattern (a constant repetition), then you know that this is the issue you need to heal from.  My guides have shown me that it is not simply a case of ‘Another mirroring’ so we may recognise in them that which needs to be healed within us…but that this other Soul is actually carrying a part of our Energetic-Self for us, bringing it to us…for healing!!!

To me this is huge, because we try and do the ‘Yes we are all One’ and this other is just mirroring for me and I need to accept this about myself  what I don’t like in the other, but regardless (apart from the beautiful few that can) it is hard to separate the negativity that you feel is genuinely the other person from that which they are mirroring for you.

 For example, even when you accept that a judgemental person is teaching you that this is a trait you possess and you truly accept that, you now see the two of you as being judgmental people (that need to heal) and your view of them personally remains the same.

Now here’s the issue with that, as long as you hold this view of them/ your energy energises that focus and your personal relationship with them remains the same. You are unable to separate them from the issue (judgement) itself and because of this they will constantly trigger you emotionally either in judgement itself or as a sign that you have not yet healed this issue as it is constantly showing itself to you, through them.

Neither is beneficial and if this type of relationship is maintained the status que remains and no healing takes place. Similarly, if this relationship ends without healing, this issue continues to replay itself in the next relationship untill it does!!!

If Another is carrying as opposed to mirroring one’s energy a different process is required for healing.  My Guides have given me the following process ‘The Stepping Out’ that can be used by all to not only clear the patterns that you have recognised and to heal them but to also release the other and yourself from the contract you had made pre-birth, to assist each other in the healing of a particular issue (regardless of the issue). This healing process does not require a statement of forgiveness nor any physical interaction with the other. It is an energetic process.

The Stepping Out!!!

State your intention to heal a past life issue…name the person you are/were in a negative pattern with.

Take three deep breaths; in... hold...out...to the count of four to relax and bring more oxygen into the body.

Ask Mother Earth to ground you to her Heart, visualize/state Her Light (green, pink, or blue of Her oceans) coming up through your feet, up through your body, down through your arms, out through your fingers, up through the neck and out through the top of your head. Let this beautiful colour/colours flow down on the outside of your body, taking all excess and stagnant energy with it, and return to the earth. Visualize/state roots growing from your feet deep into the ground.

Now Visualize/State…White Light (the Light of your chosen Faith or Universe) coming down through the top of your head…down through your body and into the earth…releasing… balancing…attuning…adjusting the vibrational spin of your chakras (energy centres) and filling all empty space with Divine Love as it moves through your being. Flowing out from your feet to form a complete Orb of White Light all around you, holding you in Love and allowing only Love to enter this Sacred Space.

You are ready, time to heal the past… but know before you begin that the energy of Any other cannot enter this space; this Orb of Love is attuned to your personal frequency and your frequency only!!!

Begin: Visualize/state the person you are in dis-harmony with, now standing outside your Orb of White Light (facing you or not) and say, “I Call upon the part of Me that is Within You to Step Out!!!”.

See/state…a complete copy of you as you physically are now, stepping out of the Other Person. Say nothing to this image but turn to the person and say, “I now release you from the contract between us and from carrying it for me. I now return all energy that is part of you to you!!! Then instruct this person to leave this space!!!”

Turn now to the image of yourself and pour Light (Divine Love in whatever colour you are drawn to) from your Heart to your Heart. When you see this energetic image of you filled with Light (or you feel it’s done), open your arms and welcome this part of you, that YOU came here to heal, into the Orb of White Light and back inside of you. Do not question it, judge it, berate it, name it, but unconditionally accept this denied/rejected part of you back and only focus on it with Love…because regardless Love changes everything!!!

Know that You have not only healed but restored apart of yourself, this is where the innate desire inside of humans to find someone to complete them comes from, and the search is complete only when the person is whole again, by being fully healed.


Nov. 13, 2016

Often, we get stuck in the emotionality of what injured or broke our Hearts and there is no Healing in this place...there is no moving on from pain that emanates from the Heart…but know this...the Heart that is Love is already healed. It is not the Heart that is causing your pain but the frame you have trapped it inside.....pressing in on Your Heart....stagnating more and more this trapped energy of your ‘emotions in replay’ becomes denser and denser...turning on You and telling You....that your Broken Heart is the cause of your pain....BUT it is NOT TRUE.....to sustain it-self this negative energy needs you to Believe that your Heart is not Healed...this is the source of its Power...it cannot do this without YOU!!! 

It is easy to recognize.....for it is condescending in its given control over us.....Are you still clinging to old relationships, Are you fearful or distrusting in relationships....Is your same relationship a constant merely changing actors that play the exact same role....Are you alone but desperately not wanting to be alone....Do you no longer believe in Love from others or your own Heart.....Do you expect and pre-empt negative relational outcomes?

For those that do not...Brilliant!!!...You are so needed...Hold and Send that Vibe of your Loving Relationship out to the rest of the World....by Living it...Breathing it...Expressing it.... Honouring it....so that Others may pick up that Frequency, Resonate and Activate it within their own Lives!!!

For those that suffer...this energy needs to be released if it is your desire to heal and it is so easy to do so, once there is awareness that it is this stagnant energy, not your heart, which maintains the frame.

Allow me to show you how

Take three deep breaths...in…hold…out…to the count of four, to relax and bring more oxygen into the body. Then simply place your hand on your heart and state "My Heart is Already Healed!!!"

When something has been so intrinsically apart of us (regardless of its negative aspect) our identity resists losing the comfort of this familiarity.....so you may find the content of your emotional frame will replay images and events in an attempt to squeeze and hurt your Heart into believing once again that it is still broken...but it is not true....Your Heart is Already Healed for Love always Heals Itself....every time it hurts.....State it..."My Heart is Already Healed!!!"

Every time we acknowledge this truth, Love pours immediately into the emotional frame around our Heart from our Heart and the frequency of the frame changes more and more untill this space too consists of Love......now we are in the place where we can pick up and resonate at the frequency of Loving Trusting Expressing Honouring Being Relationships and attract them into our Lives or Heal our present Relationships.

How will we know when it is done…the past causes no more Heartache...and the Heart resonates at the Joy of Love, whether in a relationship or not.

Aug. 11, 2016

The best way for me to give guidance on this understanding is….to give an example….and follow it through its course.  The technique is the same whether it be that you want a New relationship/Better relationship, New job/Better working conditions within same job, Abundance etc.

If you know what you want that's awesome...the Universe has got your blueprint...but if you do not then one must be created...as confusion is the blueprint for further confusion.

So using New Job/Better working conditions within same job for the sake of this example, without knowing the Who/What/Where…of the end design….you do know perhaps that...

  • You would like to be working at a job you Love.
  • A job that doesn’t feel like work, because you Enjoy it.
  • A job where the people you work with are Amazing, kind, Loving, Supportive, Open Minded, Respectful of other’s Beliefs.
  • A job where you meet wonderful new people through your Connections at work.
  • A job with Travel Times, to and fro, that suits you.
  • A job that pays well to satisfy all your Needs and Desires.
  • A job that works well with Child Care requirements.
  • A job where you can Advance if you require it.
  • A job that includes Travel if you require it.
  • A job that requires you to be Inside/Outside.
  • A job Solo/People based.
  • A job where you work with Animals/Not.
  • A job where you can Teach/Learn /Grow with positivity.
  • A job where you can get up and say “Yeah!!! To a New day”.


Anything else, add it to the list, for these are all Clear Directions/Blueprints for the Universe as to what you do want!!!

 Having that blueprint (with or without the end desire) You Know what you want, that is the key, but to turn the key you need something else…..you need to Feel.  So now take three deep breaths...in...hold...out...to the count of four...to clear stagnant energy and consciously release any blocks towards expeirencing the quality of job you desire. Then imagine how you would feel if God/Universe said right now in this moment “You have that Job right now, it’s yours!!!”. Imagine everything on your Core Blueprint list fulfilled. How does it feel to you, that Excitement, that Joy?!!

Know this….right now in this moment you are resonating at the exact frequency of that Job you seek……and that job resonating at the same frequency is magnectically …as like energy attracts like energy….being pulled by magnectic force towards you, seeking you. This is the time when all that is needed will flow to both energies to make it happen, this is the time where you give full attention to all Signs, Guidance from Others, Notice Boards, Job Pages, Me replying to this question to help your understanding of the Power you hold as Master of your Blueprint and the Power of your Feelings and to act on them. This is the time where every day for at least five minutes, you Imprint upon your Being, this feeling of Excitement and Joy at being in the job you Love (even if you don't yet know the job)!!! Know this feeling in relation to the job you desire as the antenna/personal gps that connects you to each other, any other frequency and you pass each other by in the dark.  Stay in the place of your Patience/Trust and allow the process. Keep your Signal strong, for truly my Friend the Power is with You!!! What you are Seeking is truely Seeking you.

As always personal growth is an inside job...the Secret is...that which the Unconscious mind hid from the Conscious mind……that this is how we have always attracted into our lives what is in our lives....unknowingly we were aligned with its frequency!!!

So Brave Warriors…now is time to rise and go Conscious….for the Force is always with you!!!

Aug. 1, 2016


Upon closing my eyes on the night of the ‘Summer Solstice Full Moon’, Indian Music Chanting and Rattles immediately filled my ears and my energy felt like it is was being literally sucked into a place, where an American Indian with full head dress is dancing around a fire. I was aware that others danced but only he held my focus, only he was clear.

I was not present in my human form but in formless energy,  having been evoked to be part of this dance and is present. After only moments of this awareness I fell asleep quickly only to be awakened, three or four times that night, for the same sequence to be replayed again each time.

A lot of training happens for me unconsciously and works its way to the surface over the days or weeks following, so there was no pressure for me to cling consciously to the experience, but I don’t think I could have stayed awake even if I had tried. I know now I wasn’t meant too, but my knowledge of the experience itself taking part…..was required.

The following morning knowing that a Summer Solstice Full Moon holds a significant energy frequency, I was excited that the energy connections had been made and that the rest would unfold in its time, as my energy attuned more with this frequency.

Heading off this same morning to Cratloe Hill/Woods with a friend for a 9k hike, I did not have to wait long, three quarter way through I felt his presence directly behind my right shoulder, the Indian of the night before.  I requested my friend to go ahead so that I may have space with this Spirit, I turned to him and he is in full head dress, as he was then. I greeted him and he poured a flood of Light into my Heart Chakra, he said it was the ‘Light of his Tribe’, he tells me that the World needs the Healing Energy of the ‘Buffalo Herd’ and that now….is the time!!!

My awareness is shifted from the presence of the wolf spirits in this place, for now everywhere I look in my energy awareness there is Buffalo. He teaches me that when I am sending out world healing in the mornings, that I now too envision the ‘Buffalo Herd’ roaming freely everywhere….literally everywhere…..in my garden, in the fields, in the towns, in the woods, walking among the refugees, among the soldiers on battlefields of both sides, in our government buildings, in our hospitals, with our Homeless and in our homes if disharmony exists there, in places and with people that hold suffering and fear of any kind, in places and with people that initiate suffering and fear of any kind……everywhere!!!

I thank him for uniting this Tribal Energy with the Sacred Tribe Energy, in service to this world. He places a feather in my hair and leaves.

I have worked with them everyday since and I have no words that can describe the power of the ‘Buffalo Herd ‘energy, I do not know whether it is the energy that flows first with my intent, or the vision of the world filled with roaming Buffalo that then triggers the energy to flow from my heart as I channel this Sacred Energy, but it is of no matter. What is; is the Healing Energy it brings forth.

Yes, totem Buffalo is a symbol of Abundance, Protection, Earth Creativity, Strength, Survival, Living in Harmony, Blessings, Formatting beneficial plans, but in herd it is sooooo much more. It is Healing on a deep level for our individual and collective fears and all the side effects of these fears that have thrown us off the path of Love towards Self and Others. Mother Earth needs the energy of the Buffalo, just as ‘She’ needs the energy of many of the animals that are being forced into extinction, but to redress the imbalance between Humanity and this Earth now is the time of the Buffalo Herd!!!

I ask you now and I too empower your awareness to know that you, just as me, can carry the vision of the buffalo to the world, simply by envisioning (or stating) the Buffalo Herd roaming freely everywhere, bringing Healing, Abundance, Harmony, Love and Truth to Ourselves and to all Others. Envision it and trust the vision, by sending the Buffalo Herd to all the places and people that require Healing and Assistance. But know this, they are ‘in Herd’ a collective energy, they will tend the individual but will not stay with those (who channel this energy) who do not hold the vision of them in places and with people where they can bring great Assistance and Healing to Others also.

I was given this frequency of sacred energy to share with my tribe, all of you, and I do so now with Love!!! Blessings!!!


Jun. 22, 2016

To begin...Clear and Ground your Energy; you can do this simply by Taking Off your Shoes and Visualizing/Stating White Light (Divine Light) coming down through the top of your head, down through and around your body and into the Earth to Ground you. While the Light flows set your Intention that..... "I Return All Energy that is not my own with Love, my Energy is now Cleared Balanced and Energised!!!"..... Alternatively you can Take Off your Shoes while out in 'Nature' and just make the same statement. Nature holds the Frequency of the White Light....hence its Healing Powers!!! 

Ask if You desire it, an Angel, Spiritual Guide or Totem of your choice to be with You. Take three deep breaths....which will relax and attune your body with the Light and into this Cleared, Balanced and Energised State of Being. Now set your intention to recieve from your Soul Energy, all that you will need Today..... to live 'This Day' in the Blessings of Joy Love Healing Abundance Laughter and in the FulfillIing of your Life's purpose on every level of your being, Physically, Emotionally, Mentally and Spiritually....without going into any details.

Your Energy now ready to Receive....Visualize/State a Door in whatever Colour Shape or Design you like suspended in the air directly in front of you. Behind this door lies a Brilliant White Light...a direct connection to your Divine Soul Energy within. 

Take a moment, to acknowledge that this door is an external image of an internal door within!!!

Feel Your Excitement rise... as You stand before this Door, Knowing in this moment that when you call out to this Door to 'Open' ...it will... and this Divine Love Source Energy of your Soul will flood into your Mind, your Heart, your Life, your Dreams, bringing All the Blessings required/needed/desired for this Day.

Call out in words or thoughts for it to "Open!!!"

Open your arms to Welcome and Embrace your Soul Light into your Being and when you feel you are Filled up with this Light, give Gratitude and the Door will close once more. You now have everything you need this day on every level of your Being to live this Day in a day of Love and Blessings. For this day, in Mind and Words Seek Only to see the Good and Positive and Beauty in all things and you will Feel the Joy of your Soul Energy flowing through You, Strengthening and Empowering your Energy.  
Trust and Believe for just this day that You have Everything You Need to move Forward in your Life. Connect with the peace of knowing that throughout this day!!!

 Holding the focus of your intent each day as you connect, the door will go deeper and deeper into the depths of your Soul, bringing forth the Light that will barrier crash your walls (worry, sadness, doubt, illness, heartache, lack, loneliness, insecurity, stress) and reconnect you to your Wild Joy of Living and bring forth the Wisdom and the Magic that is within you!!!

 Open this Door...one day at a time...for what You need Tomorrow will not be what you need today. Remember this Door is your Own Unique Connection to your Soul Energy, its design colour shape can change daily as you feel creative, you can choose its Location.....Ocean, Woods, Sky etc...the Elements its made of....Wood Metal Fire Water etc...and you can even change the Symbol of the Door into something else such as a Gate, Tree, even a Tea Cup and drink the Soul Energy from it....it does Not Matter. What does Matter is that you Clear your Energy for optimal receiving, you set the Intention for what you desire, you give it the emotions of Excitement and Knowing, you Call out/Pray/Ask for it, you Open yourself to Receiving it, you give Gratitude, you Hold the Positive Intent for your desires throughout this day and you do NOT change it to a Negative Prayer by focusing on negativity or denying its reality....for your Soul Energy will hear that as your New Desire and will Bless you in its fulfilment instead.