My Truth.....Love is the universal language of all Realms...the Source of all Light.....the Essence of who You are!!! ❤

It is my honour to serve Spirit today through your presence; it is not by chance that you peruse this site but the perfect unfolding of the Universal will, guided by your prayers, desires and dreams.

I will empower you to remember, to reclaim and to create that which you seek, by sharing with you the tools of 'Awareness'. I will shapeshift your beliefs so that you may observe and understand the power you hold within the structures of your relationship with Self and Others amid the varied dynamics of your life.

You seek me in your weakness guided by the Universal Light, (consciously or unconsciously) because it knows I see only your incredible strength and power, not stunted in any way but without awareness, misdirected to create the disharmony of issues that form your present reality. 

Long term healing on any level, be it Physical, Mental, Emotional or Spiritual, requires an awareness of energy, so that you the Individual may take control and responsibility for your own healing and reality. For it is a Sacred Truth...that the healer must not take, be given or accept your power.



The 'Sacred Tribe' are the Unity of Spirit come together in Love to 'Serve the Light'


This Tribe consists of Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters of all Religions, Teachers, Guides, Spirit Shamanic Realm, Mother Earth and the Spirit of her Oceans, Gypsy Spirit, Dragon energy, Moon energy, Elemental energy, Nature energy and other Planetary Tribes that have chosen to unite to serve the Light.

 It is their intent to unify as one, so that they may offer the Tribes of this Earth, their frequency of unified energy so that we too may hold this great potential through Love to 'Unite as One'.

It is their gift to our world at this time of unfolding growth!!!

Nature teaches us, that regardless of the obstacles Life always finds a way.

 I serve the Light both as a Channel for the 'Sacred Tribe Energy' and as a Teacher of Energy Awareness.  My belief is that of 'Spirit in all things and all things being part of the Great Spirit, the Universal Light, God or by whatever name you choose, through your chosen dialect of Religion or Belief, to converse with this Great Source Energy.

To be a channel for the Sacred Tribe, there are only two non-negotiable requirements. One being an 'Open Mind' and the other being an 'Open Heart'.  It is the open combination of these two that creates the correct frequency of energy that allows the connections to be made and channelled.  


 My Spirit connects with the Spirit of the Client, before he/she arrives on their treatment day, this serves three purposes. One, that the Client's energy will recognize mine and be more at ease and comfortable when he/she arrives. The second being that if any prelimmary work is required, it is done now...such as grounding to release an overload of static energy or some clearing which needs to be done to allow the energy beneath it to rise to the surface to be dealth with during the process of the treatment etc. Also at this time the Client's Spirit gives me an indication of where the person is energetically in their life....so that tools of awareness can be given to them for the purpose of  self-responsibility, self-awareness and self-empowerment. And finally the third being.....that if the Client changes his/her mind and decides not to come for the treatment.....the request for healing plus the prelimmary work plus the observation of their state of energy being...starts a healing process within them regardless which takes them to their next step, whatever that may be. 



The Healing Room is prepared with candles and incense and all those in Spirit who wish to partake in or hold Sacred Space in (name my client)'s treatment for his/her highest good, are invited to gather and be present. Leaving the room, time and space are allowed for the energy to build.


Pre-treatment Ritual 

Traditionally it is the role of the Shaman after consultation with the Client, to play the drum prior to treatment, either to provide a journey path for the Client to seek guidance and wisdom or to journey themselves on the Client's behalf to seek same. 

For the Client's journey path I have traded the drum for a cup of coffee, tea or water, because this is their time of empowerment. This is the time (always) when the 'Sacred Intentions' for a Client's treatment will make itself known, for often it is much more than the initial intent for which the Client sought treatment. These intentions are 'Sacred' because they are the intent that I and all the spirits present during treatment, including the 'Sacred Tribe' must adhere to as the 'Freewill' choice of the Client. Intentions are based on the releasing of energies that no longer serve and replacing them with more positive frequencies of energy that better serve the client at this time and which they can maintain themselves by utilizing the tools of awareness,  which they will be given. 

This too is the time of giving the Client awareness of how all things are first created in energy. The source of this energy; the laws of energy attraction and our personal responsibility for our own energy and happiness.

It is the reason why we seek beyond the manifestation of the disharmony of issues being presently experienced by the Client, into the energy matric created by their thoughts and personal truths, not only to clear this energy of issues at source but to use the habitual patterns formed, as tools to empower the Client to achieve the long-term changes in their reality, that they so desire. 



The Client's 'intentions' for the present treatment now chosen,  and awareness understood of the tools of empowerment to move forward in his/her own life post-treatment.....the treatment to clear, restore and replace the bodies energy balance and frequencies may begin. The euphoria of this balance felt by the Client post treatment is the perfect energy frequency to launch the life......he/she desires.


Entering the Sanctury of the Healing Room, grounding and connecting to Spirit with Open Mind and Open Heart, I evoke the Sacred Tribe to work with me in service to my Client's Spirit, stating his/her 'Sacred Intentions' and from that moment on, it is Spirit who dictates the treatment required. These treatments are unique to the Individual based on their present frequency of personal energy and that of the frequency of their present 'intentions'.

 The first level to be addressed is the energy body/level, this level is likened to a fuel station where one takes in All the energy that our body requires from the Universe, and it is from this level that our other energy bodies/levels draw energy from to heal and maintain themselves. When this level is restored and the client's energy is back in balance, energised, chakras cleared, rebalanced, frequencies reset and reatunned to new intentions, and the body's energy reaching out beyond 3ft from the body and its density is even, flows and feels like water when I run my hands through it, this level is then complete. The emotional, mental (beliefs), higher mental (intutition) and casual (purpose) levels are all asked to step forward and present themselves in turn individually and their treatment is addressed individually. When all the levels are complete, the primary energy body/level/fuel station is boosted once more with energy (as it has being flowing into the others even as they were being worked on) and the cords linking them to eachother are all checked and cleared. That is the structure at the moment, the 'how' unfolds as it happens. Cord cutting always takes place, Soul retrevial when guided to do it.

When performing the Alantean Crystal Healing(TM) treatment, I work with the Spirit of the crystals and the Atlantean energy, but equally the Sacred Tribe energy works in harmony with this treatment and all modalities of treatments.

The following list are experiences of the Healing Room, I will be guided to what is required for my Client's treatment as it unfolds. My joy is both in observing this unfoldment while actively being part of this experience in service to my Client's Spirit. 


  • Connection and channeling of the 'Sacred Tribe' Energy (the frequency of energy that Spirit deems required throughout this treatment...is the energy that steps up....and can change many times throughout the treatment...in singular or unity of different aspects....as the Sacred Tribe works together in service to the Client's Spirit and their intentions).
  • Complete Chakra Re-balance and Frequency Initiation
  • Stagnant Energy Release
  • Pyramid cord Cutting
  • Soul Retrieval
  • Atlantean Crystal Healing(TM)  
  • Complete clearing and Re-energising the Aura to correct Balance and Flow
  • Totem Animal connection....intention set if client requests
  • Atlantean Totems Animals connection (always manifest as white)
  • Dragon Energy Healing, White Dragon (reconnects the pathway between the chakras), Green Water Dragon (utilises the water in our bodies to clear blockages and reflow), Fire Dragon (clears and transmutes stagnant and dence energy), Golden Dragon (wisdom and higher frequencies), Earth Dragon (Regeneration and Healing Love), Kuan Yin's Pink Dragons of Love.
  • Spirit Guide connections....if the client seeks assistance in moving forward
  • Facilitating energy space for Spirit Healers to come forward to actively participate in Healings 
  • Facilitating Spirits who wish to come hold 'Sacred Space' in support of a partictular Client's treatment (family member, friend etc) and those that wish to come hold Sacred Space for the purpose of raising the vibration higher inorder to facilitate the higher frequencies required by the energies coming through and those set by the higher intentions of the Client.
  • Downloading of frequencies to match Client's Intent
  • Channeling of guidance for Client (if presented)
  • Absentee Pyramid Healing
  • The Clients Spirit
  • Sound, Singing Bowl or rattle as required



Do not become tangled in your webs, your stories, like the Spider forever weave into the unknown your Light, your joy, your passion.




May the Great Spirit bless your chosen paths and may you allow the Love imprinted upon your Soul to guide you always!!!          Jennifer Wilson