My Truth.....Love is the Universal Language of all Realms...the Source of all Light.....the Essence owho You are!!! ❤                                                                                                 Sacred Tribe Energy Healing....White Feather Jewellery!!! Click Menu to view site💜🙏

It is my honour to serve Spirit today through Your Presence; it is not by chance that you peruse this site but the perfect unfolding of the Universal will, guided by your prayers, desires and dreams.

You were guided here by the Universal Light (consciously or unconsciously) because it knows I see only Your Incredible Strength and Power, and I will Empower you to Remember, to Reclaim and to Create that which you seek, by sharing with you the tools of 'Awarenessso that you may observe and understand the power you hold within the structures of your relationship with Self and Others...amid the varied dynamics of your life.

Long term healing on any level, be it Physical, Mental, Emotional or Spiritual, requires an Awareness of Energy, so that You the Individual may take Control and Responsibility for your own continued Healing and Reality. For it is a Sacred Truth...that the healer must not take, be given or accept your power.


 The 'Sacred Tribe' are the Unity of Spirit come together in Love to 'Serve the Light'

This Tribe consists of Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters of all Religions, Teachers, Guides, Shamanic Realm, Mother Earth and the Spirit of her Oceans, Gypsy Spirit, Dragon Energy, Moon Energy, Elemental Energy, Nature Spirit Energy and other Planetary Tribes that have Chosen to Unite to Serve the Light.It is Their Intent to Unify as One, so that they may offer the Tribes of this Earth, their Frequency of Unified Energy so that We too may hold this great potential through Love to 'Unite as One'.

It is their gift to our world at this time of unfolding growth!!!

The Temple of Angkor Wat in Cambodia....where Nature teaches us that regardless of the obstacles 'Life' always finds a way.

 The Pre-Treatment Process

My Spirit connects with the Spirit of the Client the day before their treatment, allowing the Client to feel more at ease and comfortable when he/she arrives. Any preliminary work such as grounding to release an overload of static energy or some clearing which needs to be done to allow the energy beneath it to rise to the surface to be dealt with during the process of the treatment etc, is done at this time.

It is important to note that the moment a request/choice has been made for healing, it creates a shift in one’s frequency of energy and the healing process has right there, already begun within you.


Pre-Treatment Ritual

Prior to treatment over coffee/tea/water…the 'sacred intentions' for a Client's treatment are set in place. Intentions are based on the releasing of energies that no longer serve and replacing them with more positive choices that better serve the client at this time.

The tools of awareness are given that serve for the purpose of self-responsibility, self-awareness, and self-empowerment to recover or discover the lost self in one's own life, based on the Individual.

These include an awareness of how energy works and its magnetic properties to shape the life you desire, and how to maintain, caretake and ground your own energy post treatment.




 The Treatment

The euphoria felt post treatment is the perfect energy for launching the life you desire!!!

 Once Spirit is satisfied that the Client has received the tools to empower him/herself within the structures of their own life…..they are invited into the healing room so the treatment may begin.

 Here it is Spirit who dictates the treatment required, for treatments are unique to the individual based on their present frequency of personal energy and that of the frequency of their present 'intentions'.

 The energy fields surrounding the body are addressed and brought into balance individually. The first being the energy level (the fuel station of the body), releasing energy blocks, clearing slow moving energy, energising, and attuning the correct vibrational spin and frequencies of All Chakras…to enable them to draw more high frequency energy into the body.

 The energy fields of the physical body, emotional body, mental body, intuitive body, and purpose body are all cleared, restored, rebalanced and re-energised. The cords linking each level are cleared for optimal flow between them, as all is connected, and all levels affect the wellbeing of the others.

 Negative Cord cutting to and from others and/or Excessive Attachment cord cutting always takes place…as these negative energy cords allow flow between both people and drain vital energy from one’s own energy fields. 

  Soul retrieval (bringing back parts of Soul that have adhered to traumatic events) when guided to do so.

 During the process of the treatment...if Spirit requires extra guidance to be given, it shall be. If the Client has set intentions during the pre-treatment ritual, that they would like a guide, angel, or animal spirit to work with them moving forward, it will make itself known.  The Sacred Tribe energy will bring forward for download the frequency of energy that aligns with the Client’s positive intentions set and give guidance on how to manifest them into reality.

 The treatment is complete when all fields are emitting an energy flow from the body that projects outwardly at a minimum of three feet, feels light to the touch and flows like water (without resistance).

My joy is both in observing this unfoldment while actively being part of this experience in service to my Client's Spirit. 




 Absentee Treatment

 An Absentee Treatment is an energetic process working with the client’s energy through connection with their Spirit…but one where the Client is not physically present.

During an Absentee treatment the Structure changes...the 'how'... unfolds as I am guided to what is required for my Client's treatment as it is in process…but the energy work below will always be complete.

The Energetic Level is brought into balance by Releasing Clearing Energising and Attuning to the correct vibrational spin and frequency all Chakras…the energy fields of the Physical body, Emotional body, Mental body, Intuitive body and Purpose body...are all Cleared Restored Rebalanced and Re-energised untill they are emitting an energy flow from the body that radiates outwardly at a minimum of three feet, is light to the touch and flows like water. The interconnecting cords between the body’s energy fields are cleared and the Client’s aura feels vibrant and strong. All negative cords cut to and from others.

 Again, my joy is both in observing this unfoldment while actively being part of this experience in service to my Client's Spirit.

Do not become tangled in your Webs, your Stories, like the Spider forever Weave into the unknown your Light, your Joy, your Passion!!!

 May the Great Spirit bless your chosen paths and may you allow the Love imprinted upon your Soul to guide you always!!!          Jennifer Wilson